I’M Shakti, a positive Initiative towards women safety by Notion Ink

I’M Shakti, a positive Initiative towards women safety by Notion Ink

I’M Shakti is a new  Mobile App developed by an Indian Company “Notion Ink” keeping    in mind the present scenario in India regarding crimes against women. Notion Ink known for Adam tablet has launched this software to be used in emergencies. Though this app has been launched keeping in mind women safety but it is equally helpful to men also in case of an emergency. The app includes a number of templates from which you can select one to store as your emergency message. In addition it provides  you the facility to set your own text for this purpose. You can store 5 phone numbers of your choice and in case of emergency the message will be sent to all your pre saved five contacts.

Prevent use of your files or images used without your consent, stamp it with a visual watermark to make copyrighted

Prevent use of your files or images used without your consent, stamp it with a visual watermark to make copyrighted

If you frequently or occasionally publish articles on the web and insert images in those articles, then
there is a possibility of the articles and images being copied and used by others without your consent.
You can Prevent people from using your files or images without your consent by stamping it with a
strong visual watermark to make it your copy righted property . you can virtually add a text or images
watermark to your photos in seconds and No body would like to use an article or file having a watermarkof some one else. It is very easy to watermark an article or image but for this you will need specific software. These software are very easy to use and support all major picture formats like JPEG, BMP,

Microsoft Office Word-rarely used functions

Microsoft Office Word-rarely used functions

Calculator-Microsoft Office has an inbuilt calculator, capable of performing basic mathematical calculations. First you open Quick access toolbar in the Word Options and add calculate command. To perform a calculation Write the math string, select it and click calculator. The result will be shown in the status bar.

Unicode of Indian Rupee Symbol
If you want to write some amount of currency you may need the Indian Rupee symbol. Now it is simple in Microsoft Word. The Unicode of Indian Rupee symbol is 20B9. To insert it in text, type the Unicode 20B9, Press and hold Alt key and then press X, The rupee symbol will appear.
Change Case(Shift+F3)
Select the text and press hold Shift Key, now press F3. The case of the selected text will change. It will keep on changing as you press F3 again and again. Leave the shift key when desired change has taken place. 
Image Curtsey-wikipedia.org
Change Text Formatting(CTRL+Space Bar)
Some times we import a snippet from a web page or from some other source which has a different type of formatting. To convert it select the text, press and hold CTRL Key  and press space Bar.(Hyper Links may not be removed)

Vertical Text Selection(Alt)
You can select a vertical block in any document. Press and hold the Alt Key and select the desired vertical block.

Quick Triple click
Triple Click any where in the Paragraph and the whole paragraph will be selected.

Select Full Sentence(CTRL+Click)
Press and hold the CTRL key and click any where in the sentence, the entire sentence will be selected.

Start writing Any where on the page(Double Click)
To use the word page as plain white board, you can writr any ehere on it. Double Click the page and start writing.

Place multiple Items on clip board at a time and paste them(CTRL+F3 and Ctrl+Shift+F3)
You can select multiple Items at a time and place them on clip board to paste them else where. Select a paragraph, image or table, Press CTRL+F3,. Select more paragraphs, images or tables in the same manner. Now go to the place where you want to paste these and press Ctrl+Shift+F3. Your selected material will appear in the order you selected them

Fast Moving(CTRL+F5)
While working on a large file you have edited at some places but you do not remember the spots where you edited recently. Press CTRL+F5 and word it self will take you to the text you edited.

Move text without Cut(CTRL+X) only one time(F2 and Enter)
To move a certain portion of text you need not to Cut+paste or Ctrl+X Paste. Just select the text to be moved press F2, Take the cursor to the desired place and press Enter. The selected text will be moved.

Heuristic virus+how to find it and remove from your computer

It is not a definite or a confirmed virus. As the word heuristic means

experience-based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery that give a solution which is not guaranteed to be optimal. Where the exhaustive search is impractical. It is a malware spyware or a Trojan. It has not been defined in your defender, antivirus software or internet security software. That’s why these software while scanning your computer, find a file behaving in a strange, unusual or malicious manner, they categorise it as heuristic. Such files are treated as harmful and treated by your antivirus as per your antivirus software setting, i.e. your antivirus will quarantine, delete or more.

Youtube error while watching video-causes and remedies

Youtube error while watching video-causes and remedies

At present perhaps you tube is the best web site for watching a viseo or the entire films but some times While watching a video on youtube, we receive an error message and the video does not start.
Though it may be due to many causes. The cause may be a temporary one or it may be a serious also, but the most probable cause of this error is in your computer itself and that is related to the download speed of your inter net connection. Some times it may be at the you tube also. This error can also occur when the video is being uploaded, being removed or any other type of setting are in progress at the remote end.

Find My iPhone, Find iPhone, Find My iPad, Find My iPod, Find My Mac

It is an app and service provided by Apple Inc that allows remote

location-tracking of  iOS device and Mac computers. The service is available for iOS5 or higher version and the app is available for download from the App Store free  for iOS devices running iOS 5.0 or higher version . Initially  it was released as an app in June 2010 for MobileMe users. In November 2010 with iOS 4.2, Find My iPhone was available for free . With the release  of  iCloud the service became free for all iCloud users, also made available as "Find My Mac" for Mac computers running OSX 10.7.2”Lion”.
Image curtsey-Apple.com
Important Features

1.    Completely erases data and settings, thus providing security to your sensitive data.
2.    Even if the device is muted, it plays sound at peak vol., if the device has been mislaid, This feature may prove very useful.
3.    The devices with iOS 6 or higher version allows the user to lock it with a password if lost or stolen.
4.    If some one finds your stolen device(iPhone), he can call you directly on the device.


A free iCloud account is necessary to use Find My iPhone in addition to a compatible device

AVG Antivirus for Mobile-Free Download-Virus malware protection, track-lost Mobile

AVG Antivirus for Mobile, Free Download, Virus and malware protection, track lost Mobile

AVG a standard antivirus provider has designed a software for Mobile handsets.This software has two versions, Essential edition and Pro Edition . Essential is downloadable free and pro is on payment. Details of essential(Free) edition are -

Find and protect your phone if lost or stolen

Locate your phone, display an onscreen message to improve its chances of being returned, and keep your personal data safe by locking or wiping it. 

AVG Mobile Phone Locator

Phone Locator helps you locate your phone quickly via Google Maps by having it send its location via GPS, which can be activated remotely from the Anti-Theft service. You can also enable the SHOUT function which maximizes the volume of your ring tone and also allows you to create a loud tone, even if your phone is on “Silent”, to help locate it with ease.
Phone Locker
Phone Locker makes it possible to keep outside parties from accessing your personal information by allowing you to lock your phone remotely via SMS or from controls managed from the Anti-Theft service. You can also create a customized lock screen message with your contact details to facilitate the safe return of your device.
Image Curtsey Google

Remote Wipe

Remote Wipe helps preserve your privacy should your phone be lost or stolen by enabling you to wipe all contacts, photos, and calendars, as well as your text messages, browsing history and SD Card.

App Scanner

App Scanner scans apps to ensure that no malware or other hazardous infections are able to infect your device. It also allows the possibility to run manual scans or schedule them automatically on a daily or weekly basis.

File Scanner

File Scanner scans your phone for viruses and removes them with a simple click. It keeps you protected when using your favorite apps and ensures your contacts, bookmarks, text messages, music and videos are kept safe. It also allows the possibility to run manual scans or schedule them automatically on a daily or weekly basis.

Settings Scanner

Settings Scanner enables you to optimize your security settings in order to protect your phone to the fullest.

Safe web surfing

Safe web surfing actively checks web pages in real-time, at the only time it matters - before you land on that page. If it detects something suspicious, it prevents you from visiting the site. Safe web surfing protects you both when you click a link to a web page and every time you enter a web address directly into your browser.

Improve Performance
Optimize battery, storage and mobile data usage.

Task Killer
Shut down apps that may affect device performance.

IMPROVED Battery Consumption

Get notified when the battery is below the level you set. Now you can also use the new Power Save button to turn off device functions that consume your battery or use Auto Power Save to turn off several features that consume battery automatically when the battery power reaches the level you set.

Data Usage
You can keep track of your 3G/4G mobile data usage by getting notifications as you approach your monthly data limit.

Storage Usage
Uninstall apps that you think use too much storage to free up space on your device.

Call & Text Message Blocker

Call & Text Message Blocker not only warns you of suspicious text messages, but also enables you to filter and block unwanted calls and messages.

LG Compact Photo Printer Model No-PD-233 – Success is doubtful

LG Compact Photo Printer Model No-PD-233 – Success is doubtful

The LG Compact Photo Printer Model No-PD-233 product code-30794913 has just been launched in the Indian Market............
This pocket photo printer(Size 7.24X12.09X2.4 CM) is a mobile photo printer. Having Bluetooth and NFC, it gives maximum resolution of 313 dpi. It’s 500mA Li-Polymer, 7.4V battery once charged for 90 minutes can work for 25 prints. Ordinary papers will not work and a specific quality of paper is needed. This iOS Mobile, iOS PAD, Android Mobile compatible printer prints a Photo in 40-50 seconds and maximum pictures 1000.
Image curtsey-lg.com

This Printer costs Rs-14990-00 which will be over Rs-17000-00 after taxes and other levies.

The so called Inkless printer will proove costlier, because the zinc papers are very costly and not available every where. A 2”X3” print will cost Rs-50-00 plus.
The basic cost Rs-17000-00 plus and Rs-50-00 plus, cost of a 2”X3” print can not at all be justifiable.