How to create a Drop Down Label Menu in Blogger Blog

How to create a Drop Down Label Menu in Blogger Blog-Labels are very important role in our blog because we categorize our blog posts under different labels. Labels are very useful for our readers because they search our posts  under various labels. Some times while a blogger has a large number of labels and he uses a one column theme, in such case his readers may face problem in finding the different labels. This problem can easily be solved by making small changes in your blogger HTML document. To add a beautiful drop down menu for your label list follow these easy steps –

First login to your blogger Dash Board ad backup your template.
Now Click “Template”
Click ‘Edit HTML’
Now the HTML document will open.
Now you have to find the following set of html code-
<b:loop values='data:labels' var='label'>
Now click anywhere in side the open HTML document and press “CTRL+F”, the HTML search box will open.
Write “<b:loop values='data:labels' var='label'>” in the HTML search box and press ‘Enter’
The string will be highlighted as given under –
<b:loop values='data:labels' var='label'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:label.url'>
<a expr:href='data:label.url'><></a>
Now you have to replace the code from the opening <ul> to the closing </ul> so selecte the entire code given above and replace it with the following set of code –
<select onchange='location=this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;' style='width:100%'>
<option>Browse By Labels( Write the Title of menu you want to be displayedhere)</option>
<b:loop values='data:labels' var='label'>
<option expr:value='data:label.url'><>
Choose a name for your drop down menu and replace the text in red color with your chosen name.
Save your template safely and exit to check your work.
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How to Detect and Remove Fake Antivirus System Fix from your System

How to Detect and Remove System Fix from your System-Developed by the notorious FakeHDD family of rogue anti-spyware System Fix is also a fake defragmentation program like their other product HDD Fix, System Restore, HDD Repair and other similar program. Though it claims to be better in comparison with any other defragmenter but in real it is fake, does nothing other than creating infection in your PC and the main purpose of System Fix is instigate you to purchase its full version which is fake indeed, by showing you various fake alerts which compel you to think that your PC is really damaged severely. Its sole purpose to create is to scam people and you should never trust these messages because these all are totally fake.

How does System Fix work and how to Recognize and Detect it

To scare the computer user into making the purchase of the full version of the fake antivirus System Fix, you may face the following problems –
·         You may not be able to access some of your files saved on the computer Hard drive though they are safe and secure.
·         You may not be able to launch Some of your applications because they may be infected by the malware System Fix.
·         Your computer will function more slowly and may even  face frequent shut downs on its own.
·         System Fix will modified your settings and change the attribute of some of your files to “hidden” that’s why it would seem like the files were deleted.
·         You will start receiving error messages claiming, that there are serious issues in your system which need to be taken care of immediately.
·         The error messages will appear constantly on your screen urging you to buy the full version of System Fix.
·         System Fix may also disable certain shortcuts or delete desktop icons.

How to remove System Fix from your System.

To uninstall the crook “System Fix” from your computer you will need a powerful and reliable antivirus/antimalware software. You can and you must download and install a powerful anti-malware tool to remove System Fix from your system. The anti-malware utility will scan your computer, detect all components of the rogue anti-spyware and delete all including System Fix from your PC. Investing in a reliable security tool is also the best way to keep your computer clean and protected from malware and other unwanted programs however free reliable antivirus/antimalware software are also doing well.

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Blogger Post Editor Keyboard shortcuts-Useful for new or Editing Existing posts

Blogger Post Editor Keyboard shortcuts-Useful for new or Editing Existing posts-At present Keyboard shortcuts are very useful, to enhance the speed of work. That’s why every body is searching computer keyboard shortcuts. Every program has it’s own shortcuts and hot keys. Like Microsost Word provides some Special Functions, blogger post editor also provides some very useful shortcuts. If we use them we can work more faster. A list of common blogger post editor shortcuts and hotkeys is given here –

ctrl + a   
   select all
ctrl + b  
ctrl + c 
ctrl + d  
   save as draft
ctrl +g
 Transliterate using Indian font
ctrl + i  
ctrl + x 
ctrl + v 
ctrl + shift  
   paste as normal
ctrl + p  
ctrl + z  
ctrl + y  
ctrl + shift + a  
ctrl + shift + p  
ctrl + s  
   post publish
   go to start n of line
ctrl + home  
   goto start first line
   goto only last line
ctrl + end  
   goto end last line

How to remove harmful adware SnipSmart about it and precautions

How to remove harmful adware SnipSmart about it and precautions- The harmful adware program SnipSmart is a product of the notorious Super Web LLC. The developers claims it to be a helping tool to navigating the web more easily but the real fact is some thing different. It does not extend any sort of help but will display annoying ads of various types. Instead of improving your browsing experience, these ads will interfere your browsing. The worse action of the software is that the program will drop you to some infectious sites belonging to cyber criminals or which may be very harmful to your system. The SnipSmart program’s main motto is to present advertisements unwanted and irrelevant to you. SnipSmart is identical to the other products of Super Web LLC. like Bellaphant, Cantataweb, Dolphin Deals,  FlippyRoo, Mobeema, PodoWeb, Zippy Zarp, and many others which perform the same activities. Experts say there is only one software which has been released again and again with different names and slight index page modifications. None of the program is available for download from the official web site of Super Web LLC and it use other deceptive ways to enter the user’s system.

How SnipSmart comes to your computer

·         SnipSmart always come attached to installers of various free applications.
·         While downloading a freeware from a third-party websites.
·         SnipSmart is always installed without users notice or permission.

Safety measures against SnipSmart

·         Never download a freeware from a third-party websites.
·         Always select the advanced/custom install option in the install wizard and prevent the adware programs from being installed.
·         When you notice SnipSmart on your system remove it immediately.
·         Always use a standard account instead of the administrator’s account while surfing the web.
·         Keep a reliable antivirus software installed on your system in auto update mode.

After getting installed on your system SnipSmart will only show pop-up, in-text, interstitial, and banner ads, offer deals, coupons, software updates, prize draws, etc. on most of the websites you visit instead of improving your browsing experience. Clicking on them may lead you to infectious and unsafe websites or Websites of cyber criminals which will definitely harm you. The cyber criminals may trick you to share your personal and financial data related to your bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards and steal your money in result. SnipSmart will allow other malicious websites to transfer infections on your system. This malware may cause your system to work improperly and allow cyber criminals to steal your sensitive data.

How to remove/uninstall SnipSmart

To uninstall SnipSmart is not a complicated task. You can remove it easily but always bear in mind that there may another infectious applications on it, installed through SnipSmart on your system. Therefore run a full system scan on your system with a reliable antivirus software duly updated.

How to uninstall SnipSmart from Windows XP

·         Click Start.
·         Click Control Panel.
·         Click Add or Remove Programs.
·         Locate SnipSmart and remove.

How to uninstall SnipSmart from Windows Vista and Windows 7

·         Click Start.
·         Click  Control Panel.
·         Click Uninstall a program.
·         Locate SnipSmart and remove.

How to uninstall SnipSmart from Windows 8

·         Right-click on bottom-left.
·         Click Control Panel.
·         Click Uninstall a program.
·         Locate SnipSmart and uninstall.

Note- If you have an uninstaller, use it and never forget to remove remains.

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What are Virus, Worm, Trojan Horse, Blended Threats and difference between these

What are Virus, Worm, Trojan Horse, Blended Threats and difference between these- The people make most common mistake on the topic of computer virus is to a worm or Trojans as a similar thing i.e. a virus. While Trojans, worms and virus are not exactly the same thing. They all are not virus or a similar thing. Their actions, capability, the degree of the harm they cause, the method of propagation they use, every thing is different. The common thing in them is that Viruses, worms and Trojans Horses are all malicious codes and  cause severe damage to a computer, But these are differences things and it will help us a lot to protect our computer from their possible damaging effects if we know those differences better.


What Is a Virus?

A virus always attaches itself to a program or file(.Exe file) which enables it to spread one computer to another computer, and keeps leaving infection as it travels. Some virus cause a mild damage or annoying the user but some others can damage your software or files and even your hardware too. As almost all virus  attached to an executable file, but it cannot infect your computer until you run or open the .exe file containing malicious program  though the virus may exist on your computer. It always spreads by human actions like running an infected program, sharing infected files or sending/receiving emails with virus as attachments in the email.

What Is a Worm?

A worm is a sub-class of a virus and is similar to a virus by design, but unlike a virus, it has the capability to travel without any human action. A worm takes advantage of file or information transport features on your system, which allows it to travel unaided. Its capability to replicate itself on your system is the biggest danger with a worm. Rather than your computer sending out a single worm, it will send hundreds or thousands of copies of itself, creating a huge devastating effect. Due to the replicating nature and capability to travel across networks the worm consumes too much system memory and cause servers, network servers and personal computers to stop responding. The Blaster Worm has been designed to tunnel into your system and allow cyber criminals to take control of your computer remotely.

What Is a Trojan horse?

Trojan Horse mostly appear to be coming from a legitimate software vendor or files from a legitimate source.  It usually tricks the user to open them and it is full of as much trickery as the mythological Trojan Horse was named after. The Trojan Horse, at first glance will appear to be useful software but it will actually do severe damage to your machine if installed or run on your computer.  Some Trojans are designed to be more annoying than malicious code by actions like changing your desktop, adding silly active icons to your desktop. Unlike viruses and worms, Trojans do not have the capability reproduce to infect other files nor they self-replicate. Trojans are also notorious to create a backdoor on your system to give access to malicious users to your system, There is a strong possibility of compromising or being stolen your confidential or personal information.

What Are Blended Threats?

A blended threat is a more sophisticated attack. It is a bundle of a number of the worst aspects of Trojan horses, viruses, worms, and malicious code in a single threat. Servers and Internet vulnerabilities are used by blended threats to initiate,  transmit and spreading attacks. Multiple methods are used by blended threats to propagate. They attack from multiple points simultaneously to infect system cause severe harm to the system or network. It wouldn't just launch a DDoS attack but it would also, install a backdoor and may even damage a local system in a single attack. At the same time it may modify your exe files, HTML files and registry keys. Since the inception of virus, Blended threats are considered to be the worst risk to security.  A blended threat “CodeRed” processes in the system memory and not on a hard drive which allows it to bypass anti-virus products.

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How to set blog header text and blog header banner side by side

How to set blog header text and blog header banner side by side-Bloggers use various techniques to decorate their blog headers. Some use blog header text only and others use blog header banner but some of the bloggers use both blog header text and blog header banner. Those using these both, use either the blog header banner first(in left side) and then blog header banner(in the right side) or vice versa i.e. the blog header text first(in left side) and then blog header text(in the right side). In both the conditions, the blog header appears beautiful if set properly. Here I will discuss how we can set these is an excellent way.

Resize your blog header text and blog header banner before upload

Before you upload your blog header text and blog header banner in a way that their width is exactly equal and the length of both can fit in side your page size. Here note that individual length of the blog header text and blog header banner may be different but their total length must fit within the page.

Setting the blog header text and blog header banner using the blogger template designer and adding a small HTML

This a very easy setting and we can easily do it using the blogger template designer and adding a small HTML code there. Following is a simple procedure to do it-
1.    Login to your blogger Dashboard using your blogger ID and password.
2.    Click template.
3.    Click customize.
4.    Click Advanced.
5.    Click Add CSS
6.    The following screen will appear

You will need to add the following CSS code here in the empty box.

#header-inner {
background-position: right !important;
width: 100% !important;
.titlewrapper, .descriptionwrapper {
float: left;
clear: both;
margin-left: 20px;

If you want to place your text on the left and banner on the right, this code is perfect but if you want your banner image on the left ant text on the right then follow the above process replacing right with left and replacing left with right.  

You can set new left margin by changing 20px to any other figure.

Now Click on the “Apply to Blog” button in the top right hand corner to apply the template changes to your blog and then click’ Back to blogger’ to return back to blogger.

Now click ‘view blog’ to check your blog header image and if you have correctly followed the procedure your new blog header it will appear with the new settings applied.

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