How to Detect and Remove Fake Antivirus System Fix from your System

How to Detect and Remove System Fix from your System-Developed by the notorious FakeHDD family of rogue anti-spyware System Fix is also a fake defragmentation program like their other product HDD Fix, System Restore, HDD Repair and other similar program. Though it claims to be better in comparison with any other defragmenter but in real it is fake, does nothing other than creating infection in your PC and the main purpose of System Fix is instigate you to purchase its full version which is fake indeed, by showing you various fake alerts which compel you to think that your PC is really damaged severely. Its sole purpose to create is to scam people and you should never trust these messages because these all are totally fake.

How does System Fix work and how to Recognize and Detect it

To scare the computer user into making the purchase of the full version of the fake antivirus System Fix, you may face the following problems –
·         You may not be able to access some of your files saved on the computer Hard drive though they are safe and secure.
·         You may not be able to launch Some of your applications because they may be infected by the malware System Fix.
·         Your computer will function more slowly and may even  face frequent shut downs on its own.
·         System Fix will modified your settings and change the attribute of some of your files to “hidden” that’s why it would seem like the files were deleted.
·         You will start receiving error messages claiming, that there are serious issues in your system which need to be taken care of immediately.
·         The error messages will appear constantly on your screen urging you to buy the full version of System Fix.
·         System Fix may also disable certain shortcuts or delete desktop icons.

How to remove System Fix from your System.

To uninstall the crook “System Fix” from your computer you will need a powerful and reliable antivirus/antimalware software. You can and you must download and install a powerful anti-malware tool to remove System Fix from your system. The anti-malware utility will scan your computer, detect all components of the rogue anti-spyware and delete all including System Fix from your PC. Investing in a reliable security tool is also the best way to keep your computer clean and protected from malware and other unwanted programs however free reliable antivirus/antimalware software are also doing well.

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