How to Set up a new broadband(PPPoE) DSL or cable connection in Windows 8

How to Set up a new broadband(PPPoE) DSL or cable connection in Windows 8-To use the broadband(PPPoE- Point to Point Protocol over ethernet) you will need to create a connection and to to create a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or cable connection, you first need an account with an Internet service provider (ISP). For DSL, the ISP is usually a landline phone or mobile phone service providing company and for a cable, it will usually be a cable operator or cable TV service provider. You will also need to have a modem and a router, or a combination the these two. Some of the ISPs provide you  these devices free or at cost but if your ISP doesn't, you'll need to buy them. When you have your modem, router, or combination device, either follow the instructions provided by your ISP, or follow the steps given below.

How to manually delete duplicate files in windows 7

How to manually delete duplicate files in windows 7-You might occasionally discover that there are identical or seemingly identical files on your computer Hard Drive. This usually happens if you save copies of the same file in different locations or different directories on your computer. Identical files waste storage capacity and make it difficult to manage your files in addition, since it's more difficult to find the version you want when several files have the same name. Though a number of free software are available on the web for this purpose but in windows 7 you can easily manage it manually. It is very important to ensure that the file you are going to remove is really a duplicate copy and you have the original copy of it on your Hard Drive. As an additional safety you can open the files and view before the final deletion -

Why to prefer a Tablet instead of a Laptop

Why to prefer a Tablet instead of a Laptop-Tablet computer, or a tablet PC is a kind of mobile computer, usually having a touch screen or pen-enabled interface. It has almost all the features of a laptop. Tablet computer was Conceptualized in the mid-20th century but prototyped and developed in the last two decades of 20th  century. The tablet computers started to became more popular from the beginning of the year 2010. A tablets may include physical buttons such as speaker volume and power  and ports for network communications and power input to charge the battery. Some attractive features of a modern tablet which make people consider the tablet a better choice over a laptop -

TheTrojan Zlob -How it works and How to remove it

TheTrojan Zlob -How it works and How to remove it- The Zlob Trojan, is a Trojan horse which was first detected in by antivirus software vendors in 2005 and it was named by them as Trojan.Zlob, It drew attention of them in mid 2006 when computer infections were reported in a large number. This Trojan horse Masquerades itself as a needed video codec in the form of ActiveX. If you have a good antivirus software installed on your system, the chances of coming it to your PC are rare. This Trojan is very complicated and it is very difficult to remove it manually because it creates a large number of dll files and registry entries.