Dangerous Trojan PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP – Behaviour, Removal, How it comes

Dangerous Trojan PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP – Behaviour, Removal, How it comes-Created by Zeus kits, Trojan  PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP is a very dangerous malware infection. Experts rate it a malware of high vulnerability. The main goal of this rogue is to steal your financial information and other sensitive data like bank details and credit/debit card details and use these for illicit purpose. It is so dangerous malware that it can cause an irrecoverable damage to your system, if not removed timely. This password-stealing trojan can send the record of your keys hits to a remote malicious hacker including your online activity like visits to your banking websites.
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Trojan.Proxy.Koobface-causes, Systems and Removal Procedure

Trojan.Proxy.Koobface-causes, Systems and Removal Procedure-As the “Trojan” is the most harmful or dangerous category among the malcode, the same way  Trojan.Proxy.Koobface is also a very dangerous malware. If you are a social media addict this is an alert for you because the Trojan.Proxy.Koobface infiltrates your computer through Social media website like ‘Facebook’, ‘MySpace’ etc. Once entered in your PC this self replicating malcode will cause severe damage not only to your system but may also cause you financial loss by stealing your sensitive information. It will also deliver you fake alerts and notifications and random messages through your social networking accounts. Once you have noticed it’s presence in your computer system, your first job must be to remove Trojan.Proxy.Koobface immediately.

How to add Control Panel option in Desktop Right click in windows 7

How to add Control Panel option in Desktop Right click in windows 7-Many times we need to open the computer's control panel and to open the Control Panel normally we need to click the Start button, and then ‘Control Panel’. Though we can create an icon of control panel on our desk top, but how it will be if you get the ‘Control Panel’ option in your desk top right click. Yes it is possible. There are arrangements in our windows 7 it self. For it you have to follow a simple procedure. For this you will need to make small modifications in your windows 7 registry. The steps to follow are given below -